whatsapp multi account feature

WhatsApp brings multi-account feature for Android beta users: How to use

The instant messaging app WhatsApp, owned by Meta, is reportedly introducing a new feature to its Android beta testers. According to WaBetaInfo, this feature enables

whatsapp video message واٹس ایپ صارفین اب ویڈیو پیغام بھی بھیج سکیں گے ، دورانیہ کتنے منٹ کا ہوگا ؟ سامنے آگیا
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You Can Now Record Video Message on WhatsApp

Meta-owned WhatsApp announced that it is widely rolling out a video message feature for users.  WhatsApp has recently announced a significant enhancement to its anticipated short

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Your WhatsApp images may soon look better, but only with extra work

The convenience and high-resolution output of Android camera phones have made them surpass traditional point-and-shoot cameras. However, when we share our photos through apps like

whatsapp search share feature
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Whatsapp to Roll Out Screen-sharing Feature for Video Calls

WhatsApp is said to be introducing new features that will enable users to share their screen during video calls. This Meta-owned instant messaging platform plans

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WhatsApp Could Soon Support Usernames

In contrast to the top communication apps available for Android, WhatsApp currently does not offer usernames as a means of identification. Instead, users sign up

ilustrasi pengguna whatsapp slashgeardotcom
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How to Text Someone on Whatsapp Without Saving Their Number on Your Device

WhatsApp is a highly popular messaging service used widely in India and globally. It has made significant enhancements to its features in recent years to

whatsapp lock chat feature واٹس ایپ
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Enhancing Privacy: WhatsApp Chat Lock Takes Your Most Intimate Conversations to a New Level

WhatsApp has made an exciting announcement today, introducing a brand-new feature called “Chat Lock.” This feature is specifically designed to enhance the security of users’

whatsapp web
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How to Use WhatsApp Web On PC Without Mobile Phone

A Step-by-step Guide: Use WhatsApp Web without a smartphone, users will need to link their smartphone with the version of WhatsApp they are using


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