Teenagers With High Blood Pressure

Teenagers With High Blood Pressure

In the present day, it is not unusual to encounter teenagers grappling with high blood pressure, a condition also known as hypertension. Shockingly, one in

Best Ways to Take Collagen

The 4 Best Ways to Take Collagen, According to a Dietitian

Many individuals are drawn to the idea of longer hair, diminished joint discomfort, and a slower emergence of wrinkles, prompting them to consider incorporating collagen


Acupuncture for Asthma Relief: Does it Work?

There is evidence from various studies indicating the potential benefits of acupuncture in alleviating asthma symptoms. However, it is important to note that many of

Health Science

What is DNA and How Does it Impact Health?

DNA is a fundamental biological molecule that encompasses the essential instructions required for the development, survival, and reproduction of organisms. It exists universally in all

flax seeds السی کے بیج

Health Benefits of Flax seeds — the Small but Mighty Superfood

Flax seeds are not just a simple garnish for oatmeal or a vibrant acai bowl; they are a remarkable food packed with numerous heart-healthy advantages

You’ve Been Eating Chia Seeds Wrong — Study Says Grinding Them Maximizes Their Gut Health Benefits چیا کے بیج

You’ve Been Eating Chia Seeds Wrong — Study Says Grinding Them Maximizes Their Gut Health Benefits

Chia seeds are a type of superfood that are small in size but big on nutrition. These seeds have a nutty flavor and can be

Monkeypox (MPOX)
Health News

Monkeypox (MPOX): A Rare Viral Disease Explained

Similar to smallpox, monkeypox (Mpox) is a contagious condition brought on by the Mpox virus. It’s an uncommon condition that is common in Africa, though


Dark circles under eyes Causes

An ophthalmologist has given a reason for dark circles that no one would have ever thought of.

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Red Carrots vs Orange Carrots

Have you ever wondered if red carrots are healthier or orange?

دہی کے فوائد

How can daily consumption of yogurt change your body?

Knowing the benefits of yogurt, you too will become accustomed to using it