HTML Elements
HTML Cheat Sheet – HTML Elements List Reference

In this article, we will move on to the commonly used HTML elements, tags and attributes. We will also look at examples of how these

Samsung S21 FE

S21 FE 5G, featuring a sleek and slim 7.9mm-thick body and a pro-grade camera, will comes in Olive, Lavender, White and Graphite finishes. Samsung Galaxy


Secretlab announces gaming chair made especially for Lamborghini owners

Thankfully Lamborghini isn’t about to let us down thanks to its partnership with gaming chairmakers, Secretlab.

baby shark

Baby Shark becomes World’s 1st Video to Reach the Top Ten Billion Views on YouTube

According to YouTube, the video “Baby Shark Dance” received 10 billion views (yes, a billion with a B) on Wednesday, the first video to do

Finding Your Niche

The Step-By-Step Guide to Finding Your Niche and Target Market

The most important part of setting up and running a successful business is to know your ideal clients within your niche. Your target audience is

Apps News

PTA Unbanned TikTok

The app has 1 billion monthly users.


Nokia 6310

The same old Nokia 6310 phone that is available for sale with some new modifications

gmail tips tricks

Gmail app gets voice calling and video calling features from Google

Google has rolled out the feature to make voice and video calls directly from the Gmail app.

مناسب خریدار ملا تو ٹوئٹر کو بیچ دوں گا: ایلون مسک twitter

Is Elon Musk ready to sell Twitter? Here’s what he had to say

Elon Musk, the owner of car maker Tesla and Twitter, has admitted that running Twitter is painful and like a roller coaster ride. In an