Does your child have the Corona virus? Learn 6 Symptoms

The Corona virus has caused devastation in countries around the world. Starting from China, the virus has spread to various countries, including Pakistan. Coronary virus

corona gadgets

20 seconds the coronavirus detection device

Pakistan surpasses many countries, not just 60 seconds in 20 seconds to develop a Corona virus detection device


Dr. Fauci warns recovered corona patients

During a recent interview with Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah, Dr. Fauci was asked whether people who are infected with COVID-19 and recover from

6E wifi

Wi-Fi 6: Better, faster routers

Fortunately, it has been confirmed before launch that the 6GHz spectrum will not be harmful to children and adults in the home.

laptop battery life

Tips for extending battery life of Laptop

Here we will tell you some tips on how to extend the battery life of your laptop.


Dell 86 4K Interactive Touch Monitor

It has several HDMI, USB Type-A, USB Type-B, a USB Type-C and a full-size display port.


Facebook “Messenger Room”

Facebook has taken a big step to do academic and office work in Lockdown


Hackers Attack WHO and Wuhan Institute’s Websites

Hackers attack website of Wuhan Institute of Virology and World Health Organization