Uranus and Neptune
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Uranus and Neptune: the True Colors of Ice Giants Revealed

Recent scientific research has brought to light a captivating revelation about the ice giants Uranus and Neptune, challenging a long-held belief regarding their colors. Contrary

brain cell could shake up neuroscience
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A Newly-Discovered Brain Cell Could Shake up Neuroscience

The field of neuroscience may be on the verge of a significant breakthrough. For the longest time, our understanding of how the nervous system, including

NASA’s DART mission lofted a swarm of boulders into space Many of the newly liberated rocks will eventually go into their own orbit around the sun
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Nasa’s Dart Mission Lofted A Swarm Of Boulders Into Space

In a significant discovery, it has been revealed that when NASA’s DART spacecraft collided with the small asteroid Dimorphos last year, the impact not only

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What is DNA and How Does it Impact Health?

DNA is a fundamental biological molecule that encompasses the essential instructions required for the development, survival, and reproduction of organisms. It exists universally in all

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Study of Oldest Footprint Ever May Change the Entire History of Humanity

An ancient footprint has been newly uncovered, and it turns out that humans were walking around 30,000 years earlier than we previously thought. Rarely does

Y Chromosome

The Y Chromosome Is Vanishing. A New Sex Gene Could Be The Future of Men

The gender of human and other mammal infants is determined by a gene found on the Y chromosome, known as the male-determining gene. However, the

Physicists unlock the secret of a child’s swing
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Physicists unlock the secret of a child’s swing

Many children intuitively know how to swing on a playground set, but scientists have struggled to understand the detailed mechanics behind it. Now, a new

AInstein Robot With ChatGPT Brings AI Technology to Cyprus Classrooms
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AInstein Robot With ChatGPT Brings AI Technology to Cyprus Classrooms

A prototype robot called AInstein has been developed by high school students and tutors in Cyprus, powered by artificial intelligence technology called ChatGPT. This innovative

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Presence of Liquid on Mars

Evidence of liquid presence found on Mars, NASA releases images

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Vaccine sticker ready for people who are afraid of injections

American scientists have developed a sticker with microscopic needles that can be applied to the skin for vaccination.