low-code platforms
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Top Low-Code Platforms

Low-code platforms present organizations with the opportunity to create applications and tools without the requirement of intricate programming skills. These software solutions, known as low-code

whatsapp search share feature
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Whatsapp to Roll Out Screen-sharing Feature for Video Calls

WhatsApp is said to be introducing new features that will enable users to share their screen during video calls. This Meta-owned instant messaging platform plans

screen recorder apps and softwares
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Top 6 Best Free 60 FPS Screen Recorder for PC/Mac 2023

The frame rate, commonly known as FPS (Frames Per Second), holds significant importance when it comes to videos. It refers to the number of frames

social media management tools
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The 10 Top Social Media Management Tools for Businesses of All Sizes

Thankfully, there are a bunch of awesome social media management tools available to help. These tools can streamline your workflows, help you save some time,

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Snapchat’s ‘My AI’ chatbot: Your teen’s new online BFF?

Propelled by the viral artificial intelligence platform ChatGPT, the My AI avatar engages in conversations and interacts with users like a friend. However, Snapchat has

whatsapp lock chat feature واٹس ایپ
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Enhancing Privacy: WhatsApp Chat Lock Takes Your Most Intimate Conversations to a New Level

WhatsApp has made an exciting announcement today, introducing a brand-new feature called “Chat Lock.” This feature is specifically designed to enhance the security of users’

google photos
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Google Introduces Much-Needed Enhanced Google Photos Feature

According to a recent report, Google Photos is testing a groundbreaking feature called ‘Memories’ on its home page. This feature has the potential to completely

Harmony OS
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Great News for All Huawei Smartphone Users, Harmonyos is Finally Going Global!

Exciting news for Huawei fans worldwide! HarmonyOS, Huawei’s very own operating system, is now available for everyone to enjoy. After being subjected to several sanctions

Google Play Now Shows How Apps Will Use Your Data

Google Play Now Shows How Apps Will Use Your Data

Google has recently introduced a “Data safety” section in its Play app store, aimed at providing users with better insights into the safety and privacy

whatsapp web
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How to Use WhatsApp Web On PC Without Mobile Phone

A Step-by-step Guide: Use WhatsApp Web without a smartphone, users will need to link their smartphone with the version of WhatsApp they are using