Microsoft has recently introduced a dedicated Copilot app for Android, quietly making its debut on the Google Play Store. This new app provides access to Microsoft’s AI-powered Copilot without requiring the Bing mobile app. Neowin noticed that Copilot has been available on Android for almost a week, though an iOS version is not yet in the picture.

You no longer need the Bing mobile app to access Copilot on Android devices.

The Copilot app for Android closely mirrors the functionality of ChatGPT. It grants users access to chatbot capabilities, enables image generation through DALL-E 3, and facilitates drafting text for emails and documents. Notably, it also includes complimentary access to OpenAI’s latest GPT-4 model, a feature that typically comes with a cost when using ChatGPT.

This Android release follows Microsoft’s rebranding of Bing Chat to Copilot just over a month ago. Initially, Microsoft had integrated a ChatGPT-like interface into Bing search results as part of its AI initiative. Although that integration is still available, Microsoft has shifted away from the Bing Chat branding, allowing Copilot to evolve into a more standalone experience. You can find it on its dedicated domain at, similar to the standalone presence of ChatGPT.

Microsoft Copilot

Expanding the standalone Copilot experience to mobile apps appears to be the natural progression, especially with the rebranding of Bing Chat Enterprise to Copilot. While an iOS version of Copilot is not yet visible, it wouldn’t be surprising if it’s on the horizon. In the meantime, iPhone and iPad users can access Copilot features through the Bing app.