The highly anticipated release of the Nothing Phone 2 is just around the corner, scheduled to launch on July 11th. Following their signature style, Nothing has been gradually revealing tidbits of information over the past few months. Now, it seems they are gearing up for their next promotional push by unveiling a new video that showcases the Phone 2 and its fresh Glyph Interface.

Renowned tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee, from the MKBHD channel, exclusively premiered a video that offers a glimpse of the Nothing Phone 2, with a particular focus on its new Glyph Interface. In the video, noticeable differences in the handset’s appearance can be observed, such as a new light gray color and a transparent rear case with a slightly more rounded contour compared to the previous model. Additionally, the Glyph Interface has undergone some design refinements, with the familiar lighting pattern being divided into multiple sections.

While the original Nothing Phone 1 utilized 12 individual LEDs, the upcoming model will surpass that number significantly, boasting 33 LEDs. The circular lighting design will house a substantial portion of these LEDs, with 16 of them concentrated in the upper right section. These LEDs will serve various functions, including visual indicators for volume levels, countdown timers, Uber pickups, and more. However, it’s important to note that this feature won’t be universally compatible with all apps, as developers will need to integrate it into their applications to take advantage of its capabilities.

Nothing Phone 2 video shows off big upgrades to Glyph Interface

Although it may appear gimmicky, the Glyph Interface could prove to be a simple yet effective way to visually track progress within different apps. Users will also have the ability to create personalized visualizations and ringtones using the new Glyph Composer. In essence, this video offers a tantalizing glimpse of what to expect from the Phone 2. There is much anticipation surrounding this handset, and while most of its hardware details have already been disclosed, the real game-changer could be the Nothing OS 2.0.

Thankfully, the wait for the launch is only a week away. It will be fascinating to discover the other noteworthy features that the Phone 2 will bring to the table. Currently, the company seems to rely on certain gimmicks, but one aspect that could truly differentiate this phone from its competitors is its price point, which will ultimately determine its success upon its debut in the United States.