Low-code platforms present organizations with the opportunity to create applications and tools without the requirement of intricate programming skills. These software solutions, known as low-code (LC), employ template-based graphical methods for coding, thereby reducing the initial entry barrier compared to traditional full-code approaches.

In the realm of low-code platforms, competing providers offer diverse sets of features and pricing options for businesses to consider. This blog post aims to evaluate and compare the leading nine platforms, highlighting the distinctive characteristics that set them apart. By understanding these features, readers can easily identify the platform that best aligns with their specific requirements.

low-code platforms

The top nine low-code platforms all offer comprehensive plans with varying price points. When choosing a provider, it is essential to carefully assess the outlined use cases and associated costs, ensuring they are in line with the platform’s specific needs.

Low-Code Platforms Comparison Table

Low-Code PlatformsProsConsPricing
AppianStrong user managementStrong customer supportDifficult to implementLimited reporting toolsFree trialContact sales for more details
Claris FilemakerCustomizable interfaceMulti-user supportDifficult migrationLimited automation capabilities45-day test driveEssentials plan ($21 per user/month)Standard plan ($43 per user/month)
Studio CreatioManages marketing plansStrong data visualizationLimited automatic calculationsDifficult integrationFree trial$25 per user, per month
Microsoft Power AppsPre-build formattingStrong integrationLimited graphical representationLimited options to change codePer app plan ($5 per user/month)Per user plan ($20 per user/month)Pay-as-you-go plan ($10 per user/app/month)
MendixFlexible developmentEasy visual codingExpensive licensesSlow implementationFree, basic, standard, and premium plansStarts between $60 per month to $950 per month
OutsystemsIntuitive flow editorStrong integrationUnreliable managementLimited customizationFree trialSingle app ($0)Multiple apps (from $1,513 per month)
Oracle APEXEasy configurationRapid developmentLimited CSS editingOracle Database dependencyRequest a free workspaceContact sales
Salesforce LightningAbility to view the status of salesStrong automation featuresDifficult API integrationNot for beginnersFree trialPlatform Starter plan ($25 per user/month)Platform Plus plan ($100 per user/month)
Zoho CreatorLive data trackingSimple reporting and analyticsLimited documentationDifficult search featureFree trialYearly subscriptions from $8 to $25 per user/month/annuallyMonthly subscriptions $12 to $37 per user/month.

Bottom Line: Leveraging Low-Code Platforms:

When evaluating different providers and solutions for low-code platforms, it is crucial to balance the features and cost with the primary objectives of a company, such as deployment capabilities, analytical requirements, and customization options. Although each provider and solution brings a range of features to the table, discerning a company’s unique use case can facilitate a more accurate assessment of how well they align with specific needs.