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TikTok banned after the court decision

In October 2020, the Pakistan Telecom Authority had also banned Tik Tak.


Get Free 40 Connects on Upwork

You can now get forty free connections.


Google down: How long will Google be down for?

GOOGLE has crashed sparking outages across its Gmail and YouTube brands. How long will Google be down for?


4g internet balloons over Kenya

The Kenyan government is now using the Internet service for high-speed communication to deal with the Corona virus epidemic.


Airbnb banned parties

According to the company, the ban will affect all future bookings and will remain in effect until further notice.

facebook lite

Facebook Just Killed Its ‘Lite’ App

The social media giant Facebook is reportedly discontinuing the Facebook lite app.


The threat of spying one billion android phones

Qualcomm, on the other hand, says it is trying to fix these flaws in the Snapdragon chip.

twitter sms

Twitter is winding down its SMS-based system

The company said in a statement that it was shutting down its SMS service because of a number of flaws in the SMS model.

Iphone user

UAE issues warning for Apple iPhone, iPad users

Never use the pre-installed iMail app on all civic devices based on security and concerns.


Data of 270 Million Facebook Users Hacked

The problem for Facebook users is that the data of 270 million Facebook users has been hacked.