Youtube Announce another feature for desktop users

Video sharing site YouTube has decided to introduce download buttons for computer and laptop users.


The coronavirus will be gone within a year: how much truth in the claim?

The head of Moderna says that the corona virus will be eradicated within a year, the virus will gradually take the form of a flu.

Apps News

Microsoft has announced the removal of the password

Login without a password will eliminate the risk of password theft in possible hacker attacks.


Get 40 Free Connects on Upwork

You can now get forty free upwork connects.


CoronaVirus test in the state of fasting

The test will not break the fast and can the fast be broken in case of symptoms of corona?

plasma therapy for corona

Plasma therapy approved in United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates has also approved the use of the blood plasma of healthy patients for the treatment of CoronaVirus, authorities will soon begin treatment.


Does your child have the Corona virus? Learn 6 Symptoms

The Corona virus has caused devastation in countries around the world. Starting from China, the virus has spread to various countries, including Pakistan. Coronary virus