Apple has been actively working on incorporating blood sugar level measurement into the Apple Watch for several years. However, Huawei has taken the lead by launching a research program using its Huawei Watch 4 to assist individuals with diabetes. The company has introduced a non-invasive method for measuring blood sugar levels using the smartwatch. This innovative approach eliminates the need for special equipment or blood samples, as the watch analyzes ten different indicators in just 60 seconds to provide a comprehensive health assessment. By monitoring factors like heart rate, pulse wave characteristics, and other key indicators, the watch can assess the risk of hyperglycemia.

Although the Huawei Watch 4 does not offer on-demand blood sugar readings, it sends timely notifications about health indicators. It is important to note that Huawei emphasizes that the watch is not a medical device.

The primary target audience for this feature is people with type 2 diabetes. However, individuals with type 1 diabetes are not advised to rely on this technology as their pancreas does not produce insulin.

Huawei Watch 4

Currently, this feature is only available in China as part of a research program conducted by a third-party medical institution. Nevertheless, it represents a significant advancement in expanding the capabilities of wearable devices, showcasing the potential for enhancing health monitoring through smartwatches.