Bias in Data Analysis

Bias in Data Analysis

In the vast landscape of data analysis, bias lurks at every turn, quietly influencing outcomes and shaping decisions. Recognizing and mitigating bias is essential for

db database index

What is a Database Index?

A database index is a super-efficient lookup table that allows a database to find data much faster. Imagine being tasked with finding a specific word

pura 70 ultra
Mobile Tech

Huawei’s Pura 70 Ultra Beats iPhone With Pioneering New Feature

Discover how Huawei Pura 70 Ultra satellite connectivity allows you to send images from anywhere. Explore its advanced camera features and technical specs. Huawei has

xiaomi first electric car EV
News Tech

Xiaomi’s EV Launch Propels Market Value by $4 Billion, Near GM and Ford

BEIJING, April 2 (Reuters) – Xiaomi, the Chinese electronics giant, witnessed a remarkable surge in its shares, up by as much as 16% on Tuesday,

starlink map
News Tech

Live Satellites on Starlink Map: How to Track?

Elon Musk’s Starlink map is now available for live tracking, allowing users to view satellite positions around the world. Part of Elon Musk’s groundbreaking SpaceX

new solar technology coming soon
News Tech

Solar Panels Becoming Obsolete! A 70% Cheaper Alternative is Coming

In a collaborative effort between researchers from the University of Surrey, University of Cambridge, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xidian University, and Zhengzhou University, a groundbreaking

AWS and Ubicloud
News Tech

Ubicloud wants to build an open source alternative to AWS

Meet Ubicloud, a fresh startup shaking up the cloud computing scene. Founded by the brains behind Citus Data (acquired by Microsoft in 2019), Ubicloud aims


Microsoft’s New Copilot AI Button Marks First Windows Keyboard Addition in Three Decades

Three decades later, Microsoft has unveiled a surprise addition to the Windows ‘keyboard’ with the introduction of the ‘Copilot button’. The announcement, made yesterday, showcases

Internet security
News Tech

What Is Internet Security?

In the vast realm of the internet, ensuring security is paramount to protect against threats such as hacking, malicious software, and identity theft. Internet security,

How to check if a link is safe

How to Check if a Link is Safe

The internet is truly amazing, offering unprecedented levels of connectivity and access to endless information. However, like many great things, the internet has its dark