Researchers Turn Waste Toilet Paper into Electricity Source

The researchers found that they could generate energy from waste toilet paper with about the same efficiency as a natural gas plant and for the same cost as in-home solar panels, they said.

6E wifi

Wi-Fi 6: Better, faster routers

Fortunately, it has been confirmed before launch that the 6GHz spectrum will not be harmful to children and adults in the home.

hero robots

Hero Robots

It’s the robot’s responsibility to feed the hospitalized patients, check fever, and make necessary communication.

hidden folder

Hide Files and Folders in Windows Using Command Prompt

Hide files and folders in windows 10 using cmd (command line)

3d corona mask

New bio-degradable mask ready in Pakistan

These masks made from biodegradable plastic can be used repeatedly.

آئی فون اور ایپل واچ کو کار کی چابیوں میں بدل سکتا ہے

Turn your iPhone and Apple Watch into car keys

You might be able to use your iPhones and Apple Watches to lock, unlock and start your cars when iOS 13.4 comes out. According to 9to5Mac, the first