If you make it a habit to squeeze lemon juice in a glass of lukewarm water every morning, it will have amazing effects on your health. This remedy for good health is centuries old and tried and tested by modern medical experts and they say that lemon juice contains vitamin B, vitamin C, potassium and carbohydrates as well as healthy oils. Lemon juice also acts as a natural antioxidant.

Here are some benefits of squeezing lemons in lukewarm water and drinking them daily:

Better Disease Prevention: Daily consumption of lemon water improves our body’s lymphatic functions, meaning it strengthens and enables our body’s natural immune system to fight disease. They were able to detect disease-causing germs, viruses, and substances and quickly eliminate them.

Elimination of acidity: Lemon juice is an elixir in relieving stomach irritation or acidity and its usefulness is doubled with lukewarm water.

Relieve muscle pain after exercise: Sometimes muscle pain starts after exercise, but by drinking lukewarm lemon water, this pain also disappears.

Bladder pain: In addition to squeezing lemons in lukewarm water, if you continue to drink lemon water with food, bladder pain will disappear without any medicine.

Colds and flu: Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C, which also acts as a natural antioxidant and has antiseptic properties. For this reason, the use of lemon juice with lukewarm water is extremely beneficial in the treatment of colds and flu.

Also useful in sugar: Like other juicy fruits, lemons also contain a substance called “pectin” which controls the feeling of hunger, while on the other hand, the use of lemon water in addition to improving digestion from the leaves. It also increases the excretion of bile juice. This not only prevents the accumulation of fat in the body but also keeps the blood sugar level under control which is a good omen for diabetics.

Healthy Nails: Daily use of lukewarm lemon water in the early morning not only improves the growth of nails and makes them grow straight but also reduces the white marks on the roots of nails.

Treatment of nails and freckles: Due to the internal oiliness and acidity of the skin, nails and freckles appear on the skin, which is a very common home remedy for rubbing lemons on the skin. However, if the habit of drinking lukewarm lemon water is maintained, then the need for this tip is also very low.

Protecting against foodborne illness: Using lemon water while traveling also protects us from foodborne illness.

Bone and joint cramps: Lemon water has beneficial effects on joints and bones as well as muscles because the minerals in it strengthen the bones as well as facilitate movement in the joints.

Kidney stones: Potassium in lemon juice prevents the formation of kidney stones and dissolves its components in citric acid and excretes it from the body through urine.

Arthritis, joint swelling and pain: The use of lemon water reduces the rate of uric acid accumulation in the joints, which directly benefits people who have joint pain or have arthritis.