After a long relationship with my TWS, I am dumping them in favor’s of the Sony WH-CH250 on-ear wireless headphones, read this review to find out why.

Many of you will hate me after reading this review, especially those who just bought a new pair of TWS. Your pair of cheap wireless earbuds are in the trash. They tend to slip out of place when you move your head, suffer from a lot of signal issues in the case of lost connections, and don’t come with proper app support. After a long relationship with my TWS, I’m ditching them in favor of the Sony WH-CH250 On-Air Wireless Headphones. The difference in form factor is obvious but I had my reasons for ditching true wireless earbuds. Here are my thoughts on Sony’s latest budget on-ear wireless headphones.

Why I Tried the Sony WH-CH250 in the First Place?

Last year, I bought a pair of true wireless headphones during an online Diwali sale. Although they were small enough to toss in my pocket, I had some trouble keeping them in my ears while walking around. Audio quality was also not good. The only reason I bought them was because they cost me less than Rs 2,000 and nothing else. Then the unimaginable happened. He stopped working while on an official visit. These were the only earphones I had. It was a very miserable experience and I was without headphones when I needed them the most.

Headphones are an essential part of life. I spent a large part of my time outside. My headphones give me the freedom to enjoy my company when I go to work, and help me relax when I go for an evening walk. But at the same time, headphones also help me focus on work when I’m simulating interviews or attending calls.

Disappointed with the low-cost TWS (which was obviously a big mistake that I still regret), I had been looking for a new pair of headphones for months. The Sony WH-CH520 came at the right time. I don’t call myself an audiophile and probably don’t want absolute top headphones. I want well-designed wireless headphones that can provide both comfort and performance, but not at too high a price.

First of All, What Makes These New Headphones So Appealing?

Design and Comfort: These headphones have a classic style. They have a clean, simple design that matches the aesthetic of Sony’s other headphones. The headphones (including the headband) have a matte plastic(y) finish, and while the build isn’t premium, they seem designed like an everyday pair of headphones. The headphones are available in beige, white, black and blue – the color we tested.

I think Sony wanted these headphones to appeal to a younger demographic, especially kids. They have a toy-like feel to them. But that’s not a bad thing; Sometimes you just want to be carefree with a device. There’s not much to worry about handling them in everyday use—and the headphones are pretty solid anyway. In fact, they weigh just 147 grams, which is quite light. The first time I put them on my head I couldn’t believe how comfortable they were. The headband balances the weight perfectly. I don’t really feel like the headphones are resting on my ears after an hour of listening to my favorite music. After using the WH-CH250 for a few days, I’ve come to appreciate on-air headphones more than ever. Some people may prefer a larger, more over-ear design than on-ear headphones, and while it’s a matter of personal preference, I’ve always had trouble fitting them since I wear glasses. On the WH-CH250, the ear cups are more ventilated and don’t put pressure on the ears.

Sony Wh-ch250

While the on-ear design doesn’t block sound as effectively as over-ear cans, headphones like the WH-CH250 are more suitable for people with smaller ears.

One big change that might bother some users is that the WH-CH250 can’t be folded inside itself for better portability, but yes, the cups do rotate. Play/pause and volume control buttons for charging the headphones are placed in the cup, along with a power button and a USB Type-C port. You’ll also find a built-in microphone and a small LED on the right ear cup.

Listening experience: WH-CH250 sound fantastic. They look great. Enrique Iglesias’ “Hero” (a track that instantly lifts your mood), sounded accurate and balanced. I can pick up every instrument clearly and the crispness of music on the WH-CH250 is surprisingly good. I haven’t heard headphones at this price point that dynamic, but then again that’s a personal thing. Bass is less boomy, but that can’t be traded for the pure quality that these headphones deliver.

I don’t currently have any other on-ear headphones that I can hold them against, but I do have the JBL CLUB950NC, a pair of semi-premium over-the-ear headphones. Compared to the WH-CH250, they sounded flat. I tested Sony’s On-Air headphones with the iPhone 14 and they worked fine with no lag or connection drops. They also have the ability to switch between two devices.

The Sony Headphones app (Android and iOS) is a great add-on. The app can be used to tweak the EQ so that the music sounds exactly how you want it to. The Sony WH-CH520 supports SBC and AAC audio formats as well as 360-degree audio.

Battery Life and Call Quality

Battery life on the Sony WH-CH250 is 50 hours. On the bright side, 50 hours of battery life is plenty, and a quick 3-minute charge offers about 1.5 hours of music playback. Headphones also work great for calls, both indoors and outdoors. I can participate in Google Meet and Team calls from the phone with headphones on. It managed to isolate annoying background noise.

Where Does the Sony WH-CH250 Fall Short?

While these headphones sound great, they lack active noise cancellation, meaning they won’t silence the world around me when a bus or car passes you by. You’ll hear the neighbor’s dogs barking because the on-ear headphones don’t wrap around the ears to block out background noise. But I think it’s too much to ask for features like ANC on a headphone that costs just Rs 6000.

Should You Buy the Sony WH-CH250?

Overall, I’ve enjoyed using the Sony WH-CH250. I think Sony has struck a perfect balance between price and performance. The WH-CH250 is aimed at getting teenagers back together with their first pair of headphones. The WH-CH250’s low price point and lightweight design make them ideal for children. However, what’s interesting about these headphones is that they not only appeal to a younger demographic with a low price point and simple design, but also offer super sound for anyone looking for entry-level sound. Want on-air headphones for the price.

Rs. 5,990