While the Nomad Card for AirTag helps alleviate the bulge issue, there is another alternative called AirCard that offers even more features and a sleek design. AirCard is barely thicker than a credit card and is compatible with Find My, just like AirTag. However, it goes beyond AirTag’s capabilities and introduces unique features that other trackers have yet to offer.

One of the standout features of AirCard is its slim form factor, which allows it to fit perfectly in a wallet without causing any unattractive bulges. It is approximately 2.2mm thick, equivalent to the thickness of 1.6 credit cards. Despite its slim profile, AirCard feels sturdy and durable due to the combination of an aluminum body and a tempered glass shell that provides a smooth and tactile experience.

In addition to its slim design, AirCard offers the same sensational findability as AirTag through the Find My app. This means you can easily locate your wallet using your iPhone or other Apple devices. However, AirCard doesn’t stop there. It introduces other innovative features that set it apart from AirTag and other trackers.

Unfortunately, the article does not provide specific details about the additional features of AirCard. It only mentions that AirTag cannot hope to match these features, and other trackers have yet to introduce them. To learn more about AirCard and its unique capabilities, it would be necessary to consult further information or official sources related to the product.

AirCard, the alternative to Apple AirTag, offers several features that set it apart. It is compatible with Apple’s Find My network, allowing it to silently send messages to nearby Apple devices, which then relay the information back to Find My without inconveniencing the Apple user. The Find My app then notifies you of the AirCard’s last-seen location, thanks to the extensive Find My network.

Forget AirTag: AirCard Has Features Apple Can’t Match

In terms of design, AirCard incorporates trendy see-through elements. It also includes a speaker that can emit sounds up to 105dB. When using the Find My app to locate AirCard, you can instruct it to make a noise, and a catchy trilling tune can be heard within a room’s range. Additionally, AirCard features NFC and a QR code that serve as a digital ID. The NFC allows you to instantly transfer your details to a phone using the company’s platform, while the QR code can be scanned by others to access your details and any messages you’ve left, such as offering a reward.

The battery of AirCard is a super-thin 540mAh lithium cell that lasts for approximately two and a half years. Although it is not rechargeable, after that time, you can receive a code for 50% off a replacement. AirCard aims to reuse most of its components when it is returned, or you can continue to use it as a digital business card.

Currently, AirCard is available for pre-order on Kickstarter, with shipments expected in August of this year. It will be available for purchase on rollingsquare.com in the third quarter of the year, with an expected price of around $42 (39€), subject to change.