TikTok beat out Google for the most popular domain in 2o21, according to data from web security and performance company Cloudflare’s 2021 Year in Review of internet traffic.

Why it matters: Video-sharing platform TikTok rose to massive popularity in 2021. Surpassing mammoths like Google, Facebook, YouTube and Netflix in web traffic show the speed and power of the ascent.

This, despite the platform’s ban in India, which was until mid-2020 its largest overseas market.
When Google.com (which includes Maps, Translate, Photos, Flights, Books, and News, among others) was the undefeated top domain in 2020, TikTok.com was ranked between #7 and $8. 2021, however, saw the platform charge to the first place, beating out Facebook for the #2 slot and finally, Google, for the #1 position.
These are the most popular domains in the world in 2021, according to Cloudflare:
1. TikTok.com
2. Google.com
3. Facebook.com
4. Microsoft.com
5. Apple.com
6. Amazon.com
7. Netflix.com
8. YouTube.com
9. Twitter.com
10. WhatsApp.com