What are Dreams?

Dreams are a miracle of moving images, thoughts, emotions and feelings that arise in our brain without our consent during certain sleep states. Modern science has not yet fully understood the reasons for their birth, but dreams are given great importance in many religions, including sophistication, philosophy and Islam.

They are full of emotional and vibrant experiences, including themes, fears, dream figures and things that are very close to the waking life. These seemingly non-existent elements create a new “reality”, creating an experience with a lifetime of time frames and connections.

Much research has been done on the importance of sleep for the body. Sleep metabolism is concerned with the formation and breakdown of cells, the management and improvement of blood pressure, mental activity and other physical health issues. Human knowledge about dreams is still very limited.

When you wake up and think something, then these thoughts have some logic, but when you are in the world of sleep, the mind is awake and the thoughts that arise in what we call dreams are based on these emotions. But are not based on logical circles. One theory about dreams suggests that they are also helpful in creative tendencies in humans.

People from all walks of life give credit to their dreams for many of their masterpieces. Similarly, dreams are thought to be helpful in remembering. Through them you store important information and get rid of unnecessary things.

Reasons to Dreams

  • According to experts, there are several types of dreams, including sleep paralysis, sleep apnea, dreaming in a dream, walking in sleep, exploding head syndrome, shortness of breath in sleep, dreaming with open eyes, falling on the bed from a height and bar Once upon a time there was a dream. Dreaming can be part of any of these.
  • According to science, such dreams occur in the part of sleep when the pupils of the eyes rotate during sleep and this condition is called REM (Rapid Eye Movement). In this condition the level of muscle tone decreases due to which This condition is also called paradoxical sleep and this condition is given great importance by psychologists and it is known elsewhere in philosophy. Muscles of the limbs are temporarily paralyzed. Heart rate increases, blood pressure rises, and penis tension occurs in men. When people wake up during REM sleep, they often tell strange and irrational stories. These are the dreams. This phase accounts for 20 to 25% of the total sleep time.
  • According to experts, having a dream over and over again is a process of the brain that wants to draw your attention to something in your daily life that you are not paying attention to and when you pay attention or spend time paying attention. Then such dreams stop coming.
  • Repeating the same dream over and over again, whether the dream is good or bad, has a profound effect on the human mind and, according to philosophers, points to a particular aspect of life where you are not interested and knowing that aspect is very important for you. It is necessary.
  • The notion that such a person may not be anxious while awake will meet the need for psychological balance. Much remains unknown about Dreams. They are inherently difficult to study in the laboratory, but technology and new research techniques can help improve our understanding of dreams.

Dreams interpretation

Dreams are like a puzzle, but since they are divided into different pieces, their meaning cannot be understood unless they are put together in a meaningful way. That is why people are often worried about the meaning of the dream they have.

In order to know what a dream actually means, you have to combine all the pieces or symbols to form a picture, then the full meaning of the dream will be clear. In addition, the meaning of each person’s dream is different. Even if the dreams of two people are the same, but the effects of their lives and mental tendencies will be different, so each person will have a different meaning of their dream.

Sometimes, if one compares the meaning of dreams which are not understood, with a dream which comes again and again, one can easily get to the bottom of them. When you wake up to interpret dreams, write down in a diary what you saw in the dream and try to figure out what they might mean.

Try to relate the components of the dream to the things of your current life. In the beginning you will not be able to remember the words of the dream but don’t worry about it, just leave your thoughts free. Gradually you will learn to remember dreams and their interpretation. Gradually you will become proficient in memorizing dreams and knowing their interpretation.

The first thing you need to learn in order to understand the meaning of dreams is to understand the symbols set by the different concepts of dreams. For example, the concept of “death” in a dream is considered a sign of a new change. Most people do not like any change in their life and look at any change in their routine with fear. Similarly, dreamers have set signs for different things that appear in dreams.

It is not enough to look at books to understand and tell the meaning of dreams and also to check whether the books you want to see are authentic or not by first writing the names of them and their authors. Never see

This condition is sometimes caused by heart, brain, kidney and stomach ailments and sometimes it is also caused by the evil influence. First and last, after reciting Durood Sharif three times, go to sleep. Doing the same thing after every prayer is also useful for repelling magic.

Is the dream interpreted before dawn or at any time? Is the interpretation definite or doubtful? Let no one know the interpretation, just pray or may Allah protect me and my relatives from the evil of this dream.