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huawei nova 9

Huawei Nova 9

The Huawei nova 9 is an elegant smartphone designed with a simple, clean style that fits comfortably in the hand. Nova 9 is the latest

AI Tech

Github Releases Copilot Chat to Developers in a Public Beta

Introducing GitHub Copilot Chat, now in limited public beta testing exclusively for enterprise companies and organizations. This powerful tool serves as a coding assistant, offering

twitter video calling ٹویٹر نے بھی آڈیو اور ویڈیو کال شروع کردی

Twitter Will Allow Audio, Video Calls Soon: Elon Musk

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, has announced that the platform will soon introduce voice and video chat capabilities, enabling users to communicate with others

Apple Will Permanently Delete Photos in July — How to Keep Yours Safe

Apple Will Permanently Delete Photos in July — How to Keep Yours Safe

Apple announced it will permanently do away with the My Photo Stream album next month. The feature automatically stores pictures taken in the last 30 days.

Nothing Phone 2 video shows off big upgrades to Glyph Interface

Nothing Phone 2 Video Shows Off Big Upgrades to Glyph Interface

The highly anticipated release of the Nothing Phone 2 is just around the corner, scheduled to launch on July 11th. Following their signature style, Nothing

urn off your iPhone for five minutes – Australian PM echoes cybersecurity advice

Turn Off Your Iphone for Five Minutes – Australian Pm Echoes Cybersecurity Advice

Australia’s prime minister has echoed the guidance of cybersecurity experts by suggesting a nightly five-minute shutdown of your iPhone. The purpose behind this recommendation is

News Science

Study of Oldest Footprint Ever May Change the Entire History of Humanity

An ancient footprint has been newly uncovered, and it turns out that humans were walking around 30,000 years earlier than we previously thought. Rarely does

Overheating Mobile Phones
Mobile Reviews

6 Common Reasons Why Mobile Phones Overheat

Are you frequently experiencing Overheat from your mobile phone during usage? While it’s typical for smartphones to generate some warmth, particularly during intensive activities, an

Forget AirTag: AirCard Has Features Apple Can’t Match
Gadgets Tech

Forget AirTag: AirCard Has Features Apple Can’t Match

While the Nomad Card for AirTag helps alleviate the bulge issue, there is another alternative called AirCard that offers even more features and a sleek

Apps News

Your WhatsApp images may soon look better, but only with extra work

The convenience and high-resolution output of Android camera phones have made them surpass traditional point-and-shoot cameras. However, when we share our photos through apps like