Introducing GitHub Copilot Chat, now in limited public beta testing exclusively for enterprise companies and organizations. This powerful tool serves as a coding assistant, offering support to developers, much like other versions of Microsoft’s Copilot integrated into various services.

GitHub’s Copilot Chat is readily accessible to all business users through Microsoft’s Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code applications. With this latest evolution, Copilot becomes a context-aware conversational assistant right within the IDE. It empowers developers to effortlessly tackle complex tasks by responding to simple prompts. According to Mario Rodriguez, GitHub’s VP of Product, this innovation enables developers of all levels of experience to build complete applications and debug vast code arrays in minutes, rather than days.

Copilot Chat leverages its contextual awareness of the code being typed and error messages to deliver relevant support to developers working on specific projects. Apart from addressing coding queries and aiding in error resolution, it extends its capabilities to tackle security concerns and perform code analysis.

Among its key features are real-time guidance, comprehensive explanations of suggestions and complex concepts in coding analysis, and easy troubleshooting to identify potential issues.

GitHub is also actively developing voice-to-code interactions, aptly named “Hey, GitHub!” which will be integrated into the software soon. While no specific release timeline has been provided, the company is gearing up to launch other Copilot X features shortly.

Additionally, Copilot will be made available on the command line, similar to Warp’s terminal. This functionality assists developers in composing commands and loops and helps locate elusive feature flags that may be buried in manuals or necessitate multiple Stack Overflow searches.

However, it’s essential to note that Copilot Chat is exclusively designed to handle programming inquiries. For any non-programming-related questions posed, the Copilot will gracefully disengage.