South Korean technology giant Samsung has banned its artificial intelligence platform ‘ChatGPT’ after its sensitive codes were leaked. According to India Times, Samsung employees shared confidential company information and some codes with ChatGPT to help them in their work which got leaked.

According to the report, Samsung employees inadvertently provided sensitive information to ChatGPT three times. For the first time an employee tells the secret code to ChatGPT to check for errors. Another employee shared a secret code with ChatGPT and requested that the code be improved, while a third time a meeting recording was shared with ChatGPT to change the notes of a presentation.

All of this internal Samsung information is now stored in ChatGPT records, which experts are concerned about. He has warned that this information and codes cannot remain secret on ChatGPT. This is the reason why ChatGPT has been banned by the Italian government recently.

چیٹ جی پی ٹی chatgpt and samsung

It is worth mentioning here that chatgpt’s data policy has given a warning about sharing sensitive information. The platform states in its data policy that it uses data provided by users to train its models. ChatGPT’s guidebook clearly warns users to never share sensitive information while asking any question on ChatGPT.”