ChainGPT is revolutionising the crypto, blockchain, and Web3 sector by empowering emerging startups with cutting-edge AI infrastructure. By leveraging AI technology, these startups can automate their operations and accelerate their growth at an unprecedented pace.

Welcome to the ChainGPT Launchpad, an innovative platform designed to connect members of the $CGPT community with promising startups in the industry. As part of this platform, community members gain exclusive access to priority participation benefits and exceptional opportunities for engagement with these startups.

What is the CGPT Launchpad?

The ChainGPT Launchpad serves as a transformative IDO platform and incubator, specifically tailored to support Web3 projects in actualizing their ideas and establishing robust token ecosystems from scratch.

How does it work?

The ChainGPT launchpad employs a meticulous qualitative analysis process conducted by the ChainGPT team to evaluate and select projects. This process assesses various criteria such as product-market fit, concept viability, and team capabilities. Projects that meet these criteria are accepted into the incubation/acceleration phase, where they receive guidance from the ChainGPT Mentorship group and proceed towards a market debut through an IDO (Initial DEX Offering).

The incubation phase typically spans a duration of 12 to 18 months and comprises three key stages: preparation, launch, and post-launch support. During the preparation stage, the mentor group collaborates with the projects to streamline internal processes, optimise product systems, and assist with roadmap evaluation and action planning. Throughout the launch stage, the mentor group aids in promotional activities and facilitates social coordination. In the post-launch phase, ChainGPT provides advisory support to help projects navigate market challenges and refine their strategies as their products are live in the market.

Acceleration, on the other hand, is a condensed version of the incubation process completed within a shorter timeframe of 3 to 4 months. This option is particularly suitable for well-established teams that require focused support in specific areas and have already developed their projects to a significant extent.

How does the IDO work?

Once projects are prepared to list and launch their token ecosystems on the platform, ChainGPT offers comprehensive assistance in campaign preparation and facilitates their connection with the $CGPT community. After finalising key specifications such as token supply, market rate, and sale duration, the project will be listed with a countdown to the opening.

The IDO listing process comprises three rounds as follows:

Round #1 (Guaranteed Allocation):

This round is exclusively available to top staking tier groups, namely Silver, Gold, and Diamond Tier. Participants in these tiers are guaranteed a specific allocation.

Round #2 (FCFS):

The second round operates on a First Come First Serve basis and is open to participants across all tiers. Allocation is based on the order of participation.

Round #3 (FCFS+):

In the third round, which is also First Come First Serve, additional participants are included. This includes Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), Venture Capital (VC) partners, KYC’ed members, and individuals from all tiers.

If a project reaches its maximum IDO capacity during any of the rounds, the IDO process will immediately cease, and further rounds will not be initiated.

What role does $CGPT play?

It seems like you’re describing a use case for $CGPT, which appears to be a token associated with a community-driven project or platform. The purpose of $CGPT, as you mentioned, is to facilitate community involvement and provide additional incentives for membership.

Based on your description, here are the key features and benefits of $CGPT:

  1. Facilitating community involvement: $CGPT aims to engage and involve community members in the bootstrapping of projects. This involvement could include activities such as providing feedback, testing new features, or contributing to the development of the project.
  2. Reward system: $CGPT serves as an extra layer of a reward system. By staking a certain threshold amount of $CGPT tokens, community members can gain priority access to exclusive benefits offered by startup projects. These benefits could include participation in initial DEX offerings (IDOs), airdrops, or other perks.
  3. Alpha access: $CGPT provides community members with alpha access to certain features or services offered by startup projects. This means that they get early access to try out and provide feedback on new offerings before they are widely available.
  4. Incentivizing membership: By offering exclusive benefits and rewards to members who stake a certain amount of $CGPT tokens, the project incentivizes individuals to become active and committed participants in the community.

It’s worth noting that the specifics of $CGPT and its associated benefits may vary depending on the project or platform it is associated with. The information provided here is based on the details you provided in your question.

How to Participate as an Investor:

To participate in the IDOs (Initial DEX Offerings) offered by ChainGPT’s launchpad, users need to meet two criteria:

  1. Complete a KYC with Blockpass: KYC stands for “Know Your Customer,” which is a process used to verify the identity of individuals. ChainGPT has partnered with Blockpass for this purpose. To participate, users need to complete the KYC process with Blockpass. You can click on the “KYC Here” link provided to begin the KYC process.
  2. Stake $CGPT to accumulate points and attain tier status: Users are required to stake a certain amount of $CGPT tokens to earn points and achieve a specific tier status. Staking refers to locking up a certain amount of tokens in a wallet or smart contract to demonstrate commitment to a project. By staking $CGPT, users accumulate points, which may contribute to their eligibility for participating in IDOs. You can click on the “Stake Here” link provided to initiate the staking process.

It’s important to note that the specific details and requirements regarding the amount of $CGPT to be staked and the tier system may vary. It is recommended to review the documentation provided by ChainGPT or visit their official website for more information on the staking process and tier system.

Staking & Points System:

Understood. To determine the tier category for becoming a Launchpad qualified member, you need to consider the token amount staked and the duration of the stake. Here’s how the point system works:

  1. Token Amount Staked: The number of tokens you stake will directly contribute to the points you earn. Each token staked is equivalent to 1 point. For example, if you stake 100 tokens, you will receive 100 points.
  2. Duration of Stake: The duration of your stake will introduce a points multiplier. The longer you stake your tokens, the higher the multiplier and, subsequently, the more points you earn. Here are the multipliers based on the stake pool duration:
    • 45 days (1% APY): 1x points multiplier
    • 90 days (3% APY): 1.3x points multiplier
    • 180 days (5% APY): 1.5x points multiplier
    • 365 days (8% APY): 2x points multiplier

To calculate your total points, you need to multiply the token amount staked by the points multiplier corresponding to the duration of your stake.

For example, let’s say you stake 200 tokens for 180 days. The calculation would be as follows:

Token amount staked: 200 tokens

Duration of stake: 180 days

Points multiplier: 1.5x

Total points earned = Token amount staked × Points multiplier

= 200 tokens × 1.5

= 300 points

Based on your total points earned, you will be placed in one of the four tier categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Diamond. The specific thresholds for each tier would need to be provided to determine the exact tier based on the total points earned.

Tier System:There are four different tier levels in the ChainGPT Launchpad, bronze, silver, gold, and diamond. 

 🥉 Bronze 🥉

The entry level tier described here is designed for users with limited capital capacities. To qualify for this tier, users need to have accumulated more than 2,000 points. The pool weight for this tier is set at 1x allocation multiplier, which means that users in this tier will receive a standard allocation.

Refund eligibility is available for users in the bronze tier, and they are entitled to a 100% refund if they choose to opt out of the allocation.

In terms of participation rounds, users in the bronze tier can participate in rounds 2 and 3. Round 2 follows a first-come, first-served (FCFS) basis, meaning that participants will be accepted in the order they sign up until the allocation is filled. Round 3 is also a first-come, first-served basis (FCFS+), but it’s not clear what the “+” symbol signifies in this context.

ChainGPT Pad — Introduction and Breakdown

It’s important to note that participation in the first round of allocation is not guaranteed for all bronze tier members. Instead, select groups of bronze users who complete social tasks will be given access to participate in the first round. A social campaign will be initiated through, a platform that facilitates giveaways and promotions, providing whitelisted opportunities for participants to engage in these social tasks and potentially gain access to the first round of allocation.

🥈 Silver 🥈

As per the information you provided, the Silver tier is the second level tier that offers guaranteed access to the first round of participations in Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs). Here are the details for the Silver tier:

Points Required: You need to accumulate 20,000 or more points to qualify for the Silver tier.

Pool Weight: The minimum pool weight for the Silver tier is a 4x allocation multiplier. This means that your allocation in the IDO pool will be four times the amount allocated to users in lower tiers.

Refund Eligibility: As a Silver tier holder, you are eligible for a 100% refund if you decide not to participate in an IDO.

Participation Rounds: Being in the Silver tier provides you guaranteed access to the first three participation rounds: #1, #2, and #3. The first round is guaranteed for Silver tier members, while the second and third rounds follow a first-come, first-served (FCFS) basis. In other words, you have guaranteed access to the first round, and if you miss it, you can still participate in the second and third rounds on a first-come, first-served basis.

Guaranteed Whitelist for Future NFT Launch: As a benefit of being in the Silver tier, you also receive a guaranteed whitelist for the future NFT launch organized by the platform.

Please note that the specific details and terms of the tier system may vary depending on the platform or project offering the IDOs. The information provided here is based on the details you provided in your question.

 🥇 Gold 🥇

Gold is a membership tier that offers certain benefits related to premium early-stage crowdfunding and private sales. To qualify for Gold, you need to accumulate 50,000+ points. Additionally, Gold members receive a minimum 10x allocation multiplier, which means they have a higher chance of receiving a larger allocation during crowdfunding or private sales.

As a Gold member, you are eligible for a 100% refund if you decide to withdraw from a project or crowdfunding round. This refund policy ensures that you can recover your investment fully if you change your mind.

Gold members also gain access to three participation rounds: #1, #2, and #3. These participation rounds can vary in terms of allocation methodology. Round #1 is guaranteed, meaning you are guaranteed an allocation. Round #2 follows a first-come, first-served (FCFS) basis, where allocations are given based on the order of participation. Round #3, referred to as FCFS+, is similar to Round #2 but may include additional criteria or factors for allocation.

One of the main benefits of being a Gold member is inclusion into premium early-stage crowdfunding and private sales. This means you have the opportunity to invest in promising projects or acquire exclusive assets before they are made available to the general public.

Lastly, Gold members receive a guaranteed whitelist for future NFT launches. This ensures that you have a reserved spot or priority access to participate in the release of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) offered by the platform in the future.

Please note that the specific details and terms of the Gold membership may vary depending on the platform or service you are referring to. The information provided here is a general understanding of what Gold membership entails in the context of early-stage crowdfunding and private sales

💎Diamond 💎

The Diamond tier is considered the highest and most desirable tier for launchpad participants, offering a wide range of benefits. Here are the details of the Diamond tier:

Points Required: To be eligible for the Diamond tier, participants need to accumulate 200,000 or more points.

Pool Weight: Diamond tier participants have a minimum 40x Allocation Multiplier. This means they have a higher chance of receiving a larger allocation of tokens during launchpad participation.

Refund Eligibility: Diamond tier participants are eligible for a 100% refund if they choose to withdraw from a project or launchpad round.

Participation Rounds: Diamond tier participants have guaranteed access to participation rounds #1, #2, and #3. These rounds may follow different allocation methods, such as Guaranteed, First-Come-First-Served (FCFS), or FCFS+.

Inclusion into CrowdFunding & Private Sales: Diamond tier participants have the opportunity to participate in both crowdfunding and private sale events. This allows them to potentially invest in projects at an early stage.

Token Airdrops: Participants in the Diamond tier receive complementary token airdrops from incubated projects. These token airdrops are a portion of the fees charged by the launchpad.

NFT Airdrops: Diamond tier participants also receive occasional airdrops in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from the launchpad’s partnership network. These NFTs may have unique characteristics and value.

Private Group Access: Diamond tier participants gain access to a private group where they can engage in discussions, access private sale opportunities, and participate in voting (council) related to the launchpad.

Freemium access to ChainGPT’s AI Tools: Diamond tier participants enjoy freemium access to ChainGPT’s AI Tools. This provides them with additional resources and utilities related to artificial intelligence.

The dedicated post mentioned in your message likely provides more in-depth information about the tier and staking system specific to the launchpad. It may cover details such as how to earn points, any additional perks, or any specific requirements or conditions for maintaining the Diamond tier status.

Refund Policy:

Thank you for providing the information about ChainGPT’s refund option. It seems that ChainGPT has implemented a mechanism to address the fluctuating demands of market participants and unforeseen circumstances. The refund option allows users to decide whether they want to commit to participation in a project during a specified timeframe, typically within a 7-14 day range.

During this period, users have the choice to either commit to the project or opt for a refund. However, once a user selects the “claim” option, indicating their commitment to participate, they forfeit their refund option. This means that once a decision is made to claim, the user is no longer eligible for a refund.

This approach gives users a limited time window to assess their interest and commitment to a project before making a final decision. It provides flexibility while also ensuring that once users commit, they cannot reverse their decision and claim a refund.

Please note that the specific refund specifications, including the duration of the refund window, would be determined by the ChainGPT team for each project.