In 2023, social media trends in Pakistan took an interesting turn, particularly on YouTube. Pakistanis dedicated significant screen time to a diverse range of content, with the introduction of YouTube Shorts playing a key role. These short-length videos became a hit among both content creators and the younger Pakistani audience, who gravitated towards informative and entertaining content.

Despite YouTube Shorts racking up an average of 70 billion daily views, long-form content continued to capture the attention of Pakistanis. This was evident in the substantial screen time devoted to various content creators. Notably, Geo Television’s Tere Bin Episode 57, featuring Yumna Zaidi and Wahaj Ali, received widespread acclaim and emerged as the most trending video in Pakistan.

Discussing the significance of the top trending list, Farhan Qureshi, Google’s Regional Director for Pakistan, emphasized the cultural evolution in the country. He highlighted the rise in Shorts viewership and the formation of distinct fan bases around specific content categories like music, dramas, and vlogs. Qureshi also noted that content creators are adopting multi-format approaches to explore new genres and audiences, anticipating that this trend will bring a more diverse and interesting range of content.

YouTube’s statistics revealed that content creators successfully captivating the Pakistani audience included ZAMZAM ELECTRONICS TRADING and Ducky Bhai (Saad ur Rehman). Other channels such as Sistrology, Maaz Safdar World, and Ijaz Ansari Food Secrets also made it to the list of top creators.

The year underscored Pakistanis’ enduring love for music, featuring Indian-origin songs like Tere Vaaste, Kya Loge Tum, Zihaal e Miskin, and Bilal Saeed’s Udh Di Phiran among the top music videos watched in 2023.

To sum up the highlights of 2023 in Pakistan’s YouTube scene:

Top Trending Videos:

  1. Tere Bin 2nd Last Ep 57
  2. Tu Subha Di Paak Hawa Warga, Nimra Mehra, DaisBook
  3. Mayi Ri, episode 1
  4. Muhabbat Gumshuda Meri, episode 1

Top Music Videos:

  1. Hum Sindh Main Rehne Wale Sindhi by Mumtaz Molai
  2. Tere Vaaste by Varun J, Sachin-Jigar, and Amitabh B
  3. Kya Loge Tum by BPraak and Jaani
  4. Zihaal e Miskin by Vishal Mishra and Shreya Ghoshal

Top Creators:

  2. Ducky Bhai
  3. Shehr Main Dihat
  4. Salman Noman