Since last year, there has been a lot of excitement around foldable devices, with many smartphone brands developing their own versions. One such brand is Nothing, which is relatively new to the market and has only launched one smartphone so far. However, they are now venturing into the world of foldable phones.

Surprising many fans, Nothing announced the release of the Nothing Fold (1) this year, instead of the expected Nothing Phone 2 or Nothing Phone 3. To learn more about the full specifications of the Nothing Fold (1), read below.

Nothing has created quite a stir in the smartphone market with its unique designs, and currently, the only device in its lineup is the Nothing Phone (1). However, the company is now gearing up to launch the Nothing Phone (2) and may also be working on a foldable device, the Nothing Fold (1).

While there has been no official confirmation of the Nothing Fold (1) yet, the company’s official Twitter account recently posted a concept design of a foldable device that bears the hallmarks of Nothing’s design ethos. The concept design is impressive and could potentially inspire the company’s future foldable device.

The release of the Nothing Fold (1) would undoubtedly shake up the smartphone market once again, as the company’s innovative designs have already caused a stir in the industry. With the launch of the Nothing Phone (2) imminent, it will be interesting to see what the company has in store for its next release. Keep an eye out for updates on the Nothing Fold (1) and other exciting developments from Nothing.


Designer Brandon Paul, also known as 3DPCat/BitJewel, has created concept renders of a foldable device called “Nothing Fold (1)” for the company Nothing. The renders have gained significant attention and were even reshared by the official Nothing Twitter account with credit to the designer.

One of the standout features of the concept design is the LED lights on the hinge. The Fold (1) has a strip of LED lights with a smaller circular light on top that could potentially act as a notification light, similar to the Nothing Phone (1). The hinge design is unique and eye-catching, showcasing a long strip of LED lights that would add a flashy touch to the foldable device.

Nothing Fold (1)

Additionally, the Nothing Fold (1) concept renders depict a device with flat sides and a boxy hinge. The foldable device appears remarkably thin when in the folded stage. While it is just a concept at this point, the design of the Fold (1) has the potential to outperform other foldable devices such as the Google Pixel Fold and the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 5 if Nothing decides to move forward with it.

Nothing Fold 1 Specification

Unfortunately, we currently lack extensive details on the Nothing Fold 1, but we do know that Nothing is set to release its first-ever foldable phone with the latest generation of chipsets and operating systems.

According to leaked information, the Nothing Fold 1 will be equipped with the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen processor, which will support 5G networks. The phone will also feature a triple camera setup on the rear side.

From the released images, the Nothing Fold 1 appears to be a premium and comfortable device that can double as a tablet when unfolded. It is rumored to have an OLED display with a 120Hz screen refresh rate.

Nothing Fold (1)

While the phone looks bulky in its folded position, it transforms into a marvelous device when unfolded. The Nothing branding is prominently displayed on the foldable screen.

It is unclear whether the device will have a popup or in-display camera system, or whether the rear camera will act as a selfie shooter when in the folded position since there is no cutout on the display.

Nothing has previously tweeted that its phones will shift to Android 14, so it is highly likely that the Nothing Fold 1 will come with the latest generation of Android 14 OS.

What are your thoughts on the processor, display, and camera setups that will come with the upcoming Nothing Fold 1 mobile device?