The United Arab Emirates has also approved the use of the blood plasma of healthy patients for the treatment of the Crohn’s virus, authorities will soon begin treatment.

According to an international website, health authorities in Dubai have said they will treat plasma from patients with coronary virus and take other plasma from the blood.

Health officials announced this when the United Arab Emirates has approved the treatment for victims of the Corona virus. This method of treatment, called Convalescent Plasma Therapy, will be started anytime this week.

Dr. Yunus Kazim, chief executive officer of the Dubai Health Corporation, says the health department has introduced treatment protocols in Dubai hospitals to prevent the virus.

Specialized doctors at the Dubai Department of Health have adopted a world-class procedure for plasma therapy, he said.

Dr Kazim said that rules have also been laid on who can donate the plasma and which patient needs treatment.

He said that the Dubai Department of Health took this step on the basis of global medical results, which revealed that antibodies against the corona are produced in the blood of the virus infected persons.

Experts say that antibodies against the virus are more prevalent in the blood of patients who are fully immunized with Corona virus. Attacks it.

Dr. Kazim added that the US Department of Food and Health also confirmed that plasma therapy treatment accelerated patients’ recovery and had to stay in the hospital for a short time.

It is to be noted that 4,695 cases of Krona virus have been confirmed so far in the UAE while 35 have died from the virus.