In a surprising twist, there’s been a leak in the telecommunications sector, hinting at the upcoming launch of a fresh digital telco brand in Pakistan. Provisionally known as ONIC, this upcoming name is already causing quite a stir even before its official debut.

The much-anticipated entry of ONIC into the market is only a matter of days away, and telecom enthusiasts are eagerly looking forward to the innovative approach that this brand is set to introduce. The pre-launch revelation was made by Bilal Munir Sheikh, a notable figure in the telco industry who has taken on the role of ONIC’s Country General Manager.

Sheikh’s impressive background in the telecommunications field, including his influential position as Vice President of Marketing during the growth of Mobilink (now Jazz), instills a sense of confidence in ONIC’s potential for success. In a recent post on his LinkedIn profile, Sheikh shared, “Gone are the days of enduring long waits and persistent calls – we’re here to shake things up and introduce a realm of freedom,” hinting at the brand’s bold vision to revolutionize telecommunication services.

Although specific details about ONIC are being kept under wraps for now, Sheikh did unveil that the brand has its sights set on the youth-focused market. This strategic targeting of Pakistan’s tech-savvy digital audience suggests that ONIC will offer tailored services and ingenious features designed to resonate with the younger generation.

Pakistan has previously seen the emergence of youth-oriented telco brands such as Jazz, Glow (a product of Warid), and Djuice (from Telenor). These brands effectively tapped into the preferences and needs of the country’s youth. With ONIC’s imminent arrival, industry watchers are intrigued to witness how it will set itself apart and capture the attention and loyalty of Pakistani youth.

As the ONIC launch date approaches, the industry is eagerly anticipating more details and the official unveiling of this new brand. ONIC’s triumph in the market hinges on its ability to deliver a one-of-a-kind telecommunications experience marked by convenience, efficiency, and liberation. With Sheikh at the helm, there’s a sense of optimism surrounding ONIC’s potential to create a substantial impact in the telco sector.

Keep an eye out for updates as ONIC prepares to reshape the landscape of telecommunications in Pakistan. This brand is geared toward ushering in a new era of connectivity, making communication simpler and more enjoyable for everyone.

Welcome to your independence. Unleash a world of premium, digital possibilities when you immerse yourself with epic data, unlimited minutes, and lifestyle offers with infinite value. Because only ONIC gives you the freedom you deserve: Freedom of choice. Freedom of voice. Freedom to live. Freedom to play. We know you live on your mobile. Which is why, we are a new, digital-first platform that provides seamless connectivity, effortless accessibility and endless opportunities to engage, create, and collaborate whenever and wherever you want. So join, connect, create and celebrate your digital citizenship. Because as a netizen of this virtual state, you will forever be independent. It’s time to raise your flag.

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Packages Offered by ONIC

Currently ONIC Offer Multiple Local and International Package as you can see Packages details in Below Images.

The price of Most Famous Package is PKR 123. In this package you can avail following benefits for 30 days:

  • 30 GB Internet
  • 500 Minutes (All Networks)
  • 1000 SMS (All Networks)
local pakcages offered by ONIC
International Packages offered by ONIC

Easy Steps to Order ONIC SIM

Step 1: Download App

  • Step2: Install and Singup using active Email ID
  • Step3: Verify Email using OTP
  • Step4: Go to Home Screen using App icon (Left Top corner)
  • Step5: Click on TESTING PACKAGE
  • Step6: Select New SIM Option (Don’t Choose Transfer Option)
  • Step 7: Enter Personal Details
  • Step8: Book your SIM Delivery Date and Time
  • Step 9: Select Payment Option (Jazz Cash or Easypaisa)

Pay via Selected Option and Wait for Booked Date and Time. Rider Deliver your SIM after Biometric Verification.

One of the key features of Onic Sim Pakistan is its online ordering process. This makes it easy for customers to order their SIM cards and start using the network without having to go to a physical store.

The company has also said that it will be offering 5G connectivity in the future. This will make Onic Sim Pakistan one of the first mobile network providers in Pakistan to offer this advanced technology.

Overall, Onic Sim Pakistan looks to be a promising new mobile network provider. The company has a number of attractive features, including its affordable plans, online ordering process, and plans to offer 5G connectivity in the future.

Here are some of the pros and cons of Onic Sim Pakistan:


  • Affordable plans
  • Online ordering process
  • Plans to offer 5G connectivity
  • Good customer service


  • Not yet launched
  • No pricing or packages announced yet
  • Coverage may not be as extensive as other networks

Overall, Onic Sim Pakistan looks to be a promising new mobile network provider. The company has a number of attractive features, but it is still too early to say how well it will perform once it launches.