If you have an iPhone 13 Pro, rest assured that this phone is much better in durability than the Nokia 3310.

TechRex, a YouTube channel of technology, conducted a drop test between the iPhone 13 Pro and the Nokia 3310, in which the surprisingly strongest Nokia 3310 was split into several parts.

In the drop test, mobile phones are thrown from a high place to the ground.
The video shows the first Nokia 3310 being thrown from the 20th floor, which split into several pieces after colliding with a grill on the stairs. Nokia 3310 battery, keyboard, keypad and case separated.

In contrast, when the iPhone 13 Pro was dropped, it hit the grille three times, breaking the back of the phone but surprisingly only slightly damaging the front screen on the right.

The iPhone 13 Pro was checked after the crash, but its touch screen and camera were working perfectly. In the video, the Nokia 3310 has been reconnected and shown as new, on which it is difficult to say that the Nokia 3310 has gone bad.