A new strain of the coronavirus, called Omicron, was first discovered in South Africa and has now been reported in several other countries. Experts say the new strain is several times more dangerous than the first, and that the world is once again fearful of the coronavirus. However, one of the South African doctors who discovered the strain Has said some encouraging things about it.

The doctor says that the symptoms are very mild in Omicron patients and it can be treated at home.

 The doctor’s name is Angelique Kotzi. He is one of the first doctors to report that many patients are showing symptoms of the coronavirus, which means that a new strain of the virus has emerged. Later, their fears were justified and a new type of Omicron was introduced. Dr. Angelique said a patient came to his clinic on November 18 with severe fatigue and body aches. He also had severe headaches and had these symptoms for two consecutive days.

Dr. Angelique said that many more patients came to the clinic on the same day with the same symptoms. We then suspected that it was a new type of virus that was spreading rapidly.

However, in most of these patients, the symptoms were very mild and none of them has been admitted to the hospital so far. We tested them and sent them home and they were treated at home. The most common symptom of Omicron is severe fatigue that lasts for one to two days. It is accompanied by headaches and body aches.