The meta team visited the Ministry of IT and Telecom (MOITT), where members of various federal ministries and departments participated to discuss various issues including Monetization. Sarem Aziz, Head of Meta Pakistan Policy, was one of the participants in the delegation.

Prime Minister Imran Khan formed the NSMCWG in October 2021 to facilitate engagement with digital platforms and work on relevant social media policies. The working group is also focusing on encouraging digital platforms to invest in Pakistan.

In their first meeting with the Working Group, Meta representatives briefed the government on their initiatives that play a key role in digital literacy, inclusion and competence. They also discussed possible collaborative efforts in the areas of communication, tools and systems for removing harmful content, compliance with local laws, regulations, and ways to assist local content creators. ۔

As indicated by the sources, the Ministry of IT and PTA raised the issue of non-adaptation of Pakistani material and encouraged the appointment of META to arrange for adoption of Pakistani material.

If sources agree, Meta will launch a pilot to empower Pakistani mob adaptation, and large-scale adaptation for Pakistani distributors could take months to longer.

Sources said that Pakistan is a market with 60 million supporters, and Meta should find ways to work with these clients. The assignment assured Pakistani experts that Meta is working like this and will share an activity plan within 7 to 10 days.