Thanks to Smart Air Quality Monitor, you can now instantly assess the quality of ventilation inside your home. Amazon has launched its latest CV home gadget: the Smart Air Quality Monitor.

What’s special about the device?

The gadget can gauge the level of carbon monoxide in your home and can even tell you if there is any air in your home filled with non-standard particles. In addition, it will take special care of the room temperature and provide you with information about it from time to time.

The stunning air quality screen can also be used with your Echo gadget or cell phone application. After using the application with this gadget, you can also control it via Alexa, which will check if the air quality is bad or not. Alexa will give you tips on how to keep the air clean and relaxing.

With it, you can connect and use your own air purifier without any hassle. At a random time, Alexa will talk more about the state of the air.

Amazon also guarantees simple air quality observation due to the multi-color LED pointer on the stunning home gadget. At this point, any reasonable person would agree that Amazon is offering a more affordable gadget for its customers and a better life at home.