At the beginning of each month, most people seem to plan to lose weight or try to look good by reducing their belly fat somehow, but most people give this intention a true color. I fail. The main reason for this is that people do not know exactly how to reduce stomach ache. In addition to causing worsening of our appearance, increased tendons also lead to heart diseases and type 2 diabetes.

If the waist circumference in men is 102 cm and the waist circumference in women exceeds 88 cm, then this is particularly worrying and the concerned people should try to lose weight. Let’s see how we can get rid of our enlarged stomach:

Less Use of Carbohydrates:

As the carbohydrates in the base of the fat around the arteries in the stomach are the most important, therefore reducing their intake helps us reduce stomach fat. The issue of refined carbohydrates, such as white bread or sugar, is even more serious, so getting rid of them is extremely important. According to some sources, avoiding refined carbs is enough to reduce stomach cramps, but some believe that the amount of carbohydrates consumed daily does not exceed 50 grams. It’s up to you what you value most, but carbs reduction is an important source of abdominal fat relief.

Avoid Sweets:

Natural sugar contains 50% glucose and 50% fructose, of which glucose is consumed by cells while fructose is stored in our liver. Artificial sweeteners contain a high amount of fructose, which our liver is unable to completely store and, as a result, it begins to accumulate in our stomach in the form of fat. Therefore, even the use of processed sugar should be avoided and items that are rich in such sugars as energy drinks or other carbonated drinks should also be avoided. If you are keen on dessert, try to use sugar derived from natural sources and do not forget to read the label on the packet when buying and selling.

Maximum use of protein:

Weight loss or the use of stomach protein is essential in both cases. Because protein increases our metabolism by about 400 calories per day, it reduces our appetite demand by up to 50%. In addition, the use of protein-rich foods such as eggs, milk or fish, helps to increase our feces and reduce fat content in the stomach.


Exercise not only reduces our weight and stomach, but it has numerous benefits. Cardio and aerobic exercises such as jogging, walking, swimming and bicycling are the most useful in reducing belly fat. These activities reduce inflammation in our body, increase metabolism and reduce blood sugar significantly and also help prevent diabetes. However, abdominal exercise is not effective in relieving fat, but it retains its shape.

Fiber Usage:

Fibers are indispensable parts of plants that our system cannot absorb, so they also reduce our appetite and protect us from problems like constipation. Fiber sources that also contain high amounts of water are the most effective ways to lose weight.

In short, it takes both a long and hard work to reduce the stomach. Re-energize yourself by incorporating the information above into your life.