TRA urges native Apple mail users to opt for other mail services due to security flaw

iPhone and iPad mail users beware! Researchers have detected a serious security flaw in the native iOS Mail app that makes it vulnerable to hackers, according to a research published by ZecOps on Wednesday.

ZecOps said that the bug has been to used to attain details of at least six high-profile victims.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has issued a tweet alerting users about two critical vulnerabilites in Apple’s pre-installed Mail App on iPhone and iPad. They have urged users to go for alternative email options until Apple releases a patch for the bug.

The hack mainly included unsuspecting victims receiving a blank message on their default mail app. Once the email would be opened, the app would crash forcing users to reboot their device. During the reboot process, hackers would gain access to valuable and sensitive information.