The Peshawar High Court (PHC) on Thursday ordered the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to ban TikTok — the popular social media platform for entertainment videos — over proliferation of videos “spreading obscenity in society”.

PHC Chief Justice Qaiser Rashid Khan gave the order while hearing a petition against the social media platform.

PTA Director Kamran Gandapur and deputy attorney generals Amir Javed and Asghar Kundi were also present in court.

Justice Khan said videos being uploaded to TikTok were “unacceptable for Pakistani society”. “TikTok is affecting most of the youth. Reports being received about the platform in Peshawar are sad.”

Representatives of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority said Thursday in court that TikTok had yet to prove it could maintain its promise to crack down on certain content, according to Sara Ali Khan, legal representative for a Peshawar local who filed the petition that led the court to consider a ban. Khan told CNN Business she was present in court during the proceedings.

TikTok did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Friday. But it has previously said that it has “robust protections in place to support a safe and welcoming platform,” and would “continue enabling Pakistani voices and creativity in a safe environment.”

The social network has faced numerous hurdles around the world recently. In January, it was forced to lay off workers in India after the country doubled down on what was already a monthslong ban on the platform.