Thyroid gland in the throat plays a role in regulating physical activity at the general level. If Hyperthyroidism becomes excessively active, it accelerates the heart rate, increases the digestive tract, and changes in physical energy. If the thyroid is not treated, the heart may drop, ie heart failure and the weight may be excessive.

In addition to these, other defects can occur. If hypothyroidism is excessively active, this results in the patient’s tendency to detach. Feeling extremely weak, having heart problems, giving birth to women and weight gain.

Thyroid gland problems are very common and fortunately can be diagnosed long before becoming more serious. Different methods of treatment may also be tried after diagnosis. Thyroid disease can also lead to other diseases. These diseases include diabetes and joint pain and arthritis.

Symptoms of Thyroid:

Causes of thyroid disease include iodine deficiency, which may be congenital. It can also lead to mental impairment. If the body is not getting enough iodine, it can also cause Goiter disease in which the thyroid becomes inflamed and the throat feels swollen. Iodine deficiency can also lead to thyroid inflammation, and sometimes it can lead to throat cancer. There are various ways to cure thyroid disorders.

Dietary Thyroid Treatment:

Hypothyroidism is triggered by a lack of nutrients such as vitamin A and iron. It is important to make sure that a powerful diet that includes many naturally boiled vegetables, fish and onions is used. Garlic and onion are both important in the sense that if the patient’s thyroid is less active then they will fix it. Garlic, by the way, is a good source of Ayurveda remedies that moderate thyroid function.

Treatment of Hypothyroidism:

Chinese herbs: Chinese medicine is believed to cause liver heat due to hypothyroidism, and sea salt and behri bailain are recommended for its treatment.

Desi Herbs:

If Hypothyroidism becomes excessively active, a blue-flowered bull, Bugle Weed, shows very good performance. Drinking it three times a day is useful. A dark brown shrub called Bladderwrack, it also normalizes thyroid functioning. It is very useful to use this shrub 3 times a day in any case.

NOTE: If you are suffering from another illness or have an allergy and must consult your physician before acting on any of the above.