The rapid spread of the corona virus has taken scientists by surprise, and they are researching it rapidly to develop a vaccine. The world’s fastest supercomputer is also being used in this exploration, and through this supercomputer, great progress has been made in the preparation of vaccines.

According to CNN, scientists have analyzed more than 8,000 compounds through this supercomputer, and this computer has revealed to them about 77 compounds that could potentially be cured by the Corona virus. Stop spreading.

According to the report, scientists at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory are now researching these 77 compounds and trying to produce vaccines from them. According to the report, the world’s fastest supercomputer was developed in 2014 by the US Department of Energy. The speed of this computer is 1 million times faster than today’s fastest laptops.

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Scientists say, “Corona virus inserts genetic material into a patient’s cell. We have tried to detect through this computer what is a compound that can prevent the corona virus from injecting this material into the patient’s cells. If we are able to detect such a compound, the spread of the Corona virus will automatically stop.