Last week saw the biggest moon of the year in the UK, thanks to the technology that allowed us to reach this point today and enjoy such a spectacular super moon.

But, with the help of a powerful camera, one could see the moon so closely that this view created many questions.

In this unique scenario, some strange objects on the surface of the moon were seen flying as if they were flying very close to the surface of the moon.

At a time when NASA and other institutions have sent their scientists to the moon, and perhaps they even exist, this video is nothing short of a serious question. If the content seen in this video is genuine, then it will have to take serious steps to take space, taking into account the critical steps necessary for the survival of the scientists and the humans living on Earth.

This video is also zoomed-in for a bit of explanation.

Now, either the footage is fake or the space creature has actually turned to the moon for some strange investigation.

We can’t make a decision on that. what do you think?