The use of robots to cope with the Corona virus epidemic is a priority to prevent doctors or other staff from developing the disease.

According to news agency AFP, a robots team has been relied on to care for corona patients at a temporary hospital in Wuhan, China. The robots’ responsibility was to feed the patients in the ‘smart field’ hospital, check fever and make any necessary communication.
The president of CloudMinds, a robots-maker company designed to care for corona patients, says the robots do some trick to provide patients with the necessary information, as well as minor interactions. , Such as dancing or making the patient an X-shaped.

Company President Carl Xiao said that Smart Field Hospital operates largely as robots, while the medical team supervises them.

Corona’s patients were tested for a few days at Smart Field Hospital, but it turned out that it was possible to use robots to closely monitor people suffering from an outbreak.

The upcoming robots will also be used at Alexandra Hospital in Singapore to provide medicine or food to patients affected by coronas.

Doctors and nurses will be able to control the robot from the computer and interact with the medical staff through the screen installed in the robot. In this case the medical staff will need to go to the isolation ward at least.

Robots are being used to check fever and give medicine.
Robots are being used to check fever and give medicine.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control, robots can also be used to detect the virus’s presence anywhere. The first robots were sent inside the Corona passenger-carrying cruise ship Prince of Prince, who first scanned the ship’s cabs for germs.

In addition, robots are being used to sterilize hospital rooms, halls, doors and handles.

According to American company Xinx, robots are being used in five wellness centers and demand is increasing.

The company’s media director said robots are receiving requests from around the world. In addition to hospitals, health centers, hotels, government agencies and pharmaceutical companies are also contacting robots to keep places sterile.