Australian experts have revealed that the blood of patients recovering from the corona virus is being bought and sold on the Dark Web.

Elements involved in illegal and criminal activities are offering on the website that if corona patients are given blood transfusions from healthy patients, they too can recover.

Experts say that corona produces antibodies in the body of healthy patients which, if injected into the body of infected people, cannot infect them and even if they are infected, these antibodies can kill it. Are capable.
According to experts from the National University of Australia, the Dark Web has not only seen an increase in the sale of blood of healthy people from Corona, but also increased demand for it.

According to the report, experts are observing on the Dark Web how cybercriminals are taking advantage of the Corona situation to extort money from naive people.

Rob Broadhurst, head of the research team, said: “During the research, we found a number of websites where the blood of healthy corona virus patients was offered for sale. Vaccines and other treatments were also being sold.

“One of these treatments was said to cost ، 25,000. We believe that these vaccines and treatments were fake and that cybercriminals are making huge sums of money by taking advantage of people’s fears,” he said.