A high-pressure ventilator prototype developed by NASA engineers to help coronavirus patients was approved by the Food and Drug Administration on Thursday, according to NASA.The approval is for use of the ventilator specifically for coronavirus patients under the FDA’s ventilator Emergency Use Authorization, established by the agency on March 24.

“This FDA authorization is a key milestone in a process that exemplifies the best of what government can do in a time of crisis,” NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said in a statement. “This ventilator is one of countless examples of how taxpayer investments in space exploration — the skills, expertise and knowledge collected over decades of pushing boundaries and achieving firsts for humanity — translate into advancements that improve life on Earth.”

Engineers from the US space agency NASA designed a mass-produced ventilator for Code 19 patients in just 37 days, which required more parts than a conventional ventilator.

The ventilator device was approved by New York’s I Chen School of Medicine on April 21, according to media reports. Engineers at NASA’s Jeet Propulsion Laboratory developed the ventilator, which aims to help treat critically ill patients with code 19 who have a shortage of ventilators.

Hospitals around the world, including the United States, are currently experiencing a shortage of traditional ventilators. “We specialize in building spacecraft instead of medical devices, but the best engineering, testing and prototype development are also part of our expertise,” said Michael Watkins, director of NASA.