The first Corona virus put the world in a panic that now a Chinese scientist has discovered a new type of virus. According to Mail Online, corona virus patients spread around the world recover for about a week and a half after the first symptoms appear and their tests begin to go negative for 20 days, but this new type of patient is 49 days. I was suffering from it.

According to the report, the person suffered corona virus and had very mild symptoms, however, 49 days later, the test for Corona virus came out negative. When scientists analyzed the virus that caused this patient, it was found that it was a mutated type of corona virus in which some of the virus’s genes were mutated. This patient is the longest living person in Corona in the world.

According to the report, doctors inserted the blood plasma from coronary virus patients with antibodies in this patient’s body, which began to assume the condition of the patient and 49 days later the virus. Test came negative. The man was a resident of Wuhan in the Chinese city and came to the hospital on February 8.

“Earlier, the virus lasted for 37 days in one patient,” said Dr. Li Tan, who treated the man. For 49 days the body of the virus was not able to withstand the virus itself, so it had to be given antibodies to the body of healthy patients. “