NASA has released new images of the sun, which has been described as the most transparent image ever.

According to the details, NASA and the University of Central Lawn Cash Air obtained the aforementioned images with the help of the most powerful telescope, and the process of taking sun images continued for several days.
Experts also took photographs of the sun and its surroundings, the first in scientific history.

Experts have issued a report on the above-mentioned images of the sun, suggesting that the dark part of the sun’s visible body is empty, containing electrophied gases that travel at speeds of 311 miles.

Experts say the sun’s temperature is 18 million centigrade Fahrenheit, equal to the middle of the capital of London and Northern Ireland.

According to NASA, the photos were taken with the help of HiC telescope. The telescope showed the Sun’s atmosphere 43 miles below its volume, which was 0.01 percent higher than the stars.

Experts tried to photograph the dark part of the sun. According to NASA, the sun’s hotter parts contain dark matter and are millions of times warmer than light.