Since the outbreak of the Corona virus, experts have been finding new and easier ways to find and test the cure. An exciting breakthrough is about to take place in this regard.

A team of researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and other institutions have released an early version of an app that they claim will analyze your voice and tell you if you have COVID-19.

Carnegie Mellon, a graduate student working on the project, said during an interview, “I’ve seen a lot of competition for the cheapest, fastest diagnostic tools. But it would be cheaper to diagnose this virus. That you can only record your voice using your mobile. “

Testing kits have been lacking since the spread of the Corona virus around the world and this app is a huge claim and miracle to come. Another strainer from the same field, Strainer, believes that the team’s algorithm, although it is not yet mature and in the experimental stages, can be a valuable tool for tracking the spread of the virus.

 The application contains artificial intelligence technology that will recognize human voices by identifying which voice is infected with a virus. This application will analyze people’s breathing patterns and acrobatics of sound that vary in coronary patients. This application is still in the process of preparation and has not yet been approved by the FDA or CDC. However, experts say they will apply for approval once the app is ready.