Google has banned dangerous, virus-laden apps and immediately removed them from the Play Store. Play Store apps and Android fans are now being warned to delete them from their smartphones now.

Never before has a week gone by without alerting Android fans to the dangers, and sadly, since the beginning of September, fans of the popular operating system have been alerted to a number of apps, including the Joker. Malware is possible.

Once again, the security team has discovered six more Android applications that can erase the data in the phone from hidden Joker malware.

Explaining further, a security expert said: “The Joker is a malicious bot (classified as a flyware) whose job is to mimic key activity clicks and block SMS that are unwanted. Forces users to subscribe to paid premium services.

Google security experts have once again identified infected applications on Google Play, indicating the store’s struggle to prevent malicious activity on its platform.

Infected apps include the following apps.

Push Message-Texting & SMS • 10,000+ downloads
Emoji Wallpaper • 10,000+ downloads
Separate Doc Scanner • 50,000+ downloads
Fingertip GameBox • 1,000+ downloads
Safety AppLock • 10,000+ downloads
Convenient Scanner 2 • 100,000+ downloads
If you think you have any of these apps on your phone, then we recommend that you delete these apps from your mobile phone immediately to avoid fraud.