Plastic pollution is becoming widespread around the world, destroying the atmosphere, drought and the sea alike.

The evolution of this new technology is such that the French company Carbos has significantly altered the enzyme (bacteria) of the bacteria. Dispersed which can easily be reused in new and clean bottles.

Traditional recycling of plastics is ‘thermally mechanical’ or thermomechanical, but the goods it produces are not of very good quality. This yeast has been replaced by a PET hydrolysis enzyme that can dispose of 90% PET plastic products in just 10 hours. In the past, a lot of work was done on this bacteria but it was later ignored.

On the other hand, Ellen Marty, chief science officer at Carbass, says the new envelope costs little. After the initial experiments, work on its industrial and commercial aspects will be started in 2021 and will be brought under industrialization in the next few years.