Some patients recovering from the new novel coronavirus disease Code 19 may face various problems as there is evidence to suggest that the infection may have long-term effects on health.

“We are in the early stages of understanding the long-term effects of the epidemic, but it is clear that,” Dr. Harvey Moldovsky, a former professor at the Center for Sleep and Carnobiology at the University of Toronto in Canada, told the British daily. It attacks not only the lungs, but everywhere.

“Based on my experience with the SARS corona virus, I am concerned about determining the recovery of new virus patients. It is possible that some patients experience severe fatigue for months or years after the initial infection,” he said. Occurring syndromes or CF may occur.

CFS can cause a variety of symptoms, including severe fatigue, unexplained muscle or joint pain, headaches and poor sleep. A 2002 study by Dr. Harvey Moldovsky on the Saros epidemic in Canada found that some patients had symptoms of CFS for many years and that the Saars was genetically very close to the new novel corona virus. ۔

The study, published in 2011, looked at 22 SARS patients who had recovered but were unable to return to work due to medical problems. The study looked at 273 people, of whom 8% had the problem. Another study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2009, found that 40 out of 369 people who had contracted the SARS virus. The problem of CFS came up in percent.