Almost all over the world there is a time when everyone is doing their homework to help prevent the spread of the Corona virus, the most important of which is the Internet. With the use of the Internet on a large scale, many people experience problems such as slowing down.

Slowing down the Internet can be a hindrance to many tasks such as working at home, studying online and using the Internet for fun. But we tell you about some of the changes you can do to make your Internet speed faster and more reliable.

There may be a number of factors behind the slow Internet speed, such as staying away from your Exchange, internet wiring, poor infrastructure. In the face of all these problems, no one can help you except the Internet provider. Also, if the issue is on your Internet router, also known as a modem, you can speed it up by making some changes to its settings.

It is also worth mentioning that instead of bad Wi-Fi accuracy, if you are doing a lot of important work, move from Wi-Fi to Ethernet connection which has no chance of interrupting anyone else. Wi-Fi is great.

In many cases it is not possible to transfer over the Ethernet connection because it is not possible for the Ethernet connection to save wires and we have to rely on WiFi.

Improve your router

Many people use the same devices provided by their Internet service provider. This is a good decision because their sting is not too complicated and you can control everything in one place.

But it does mean that there is nothing more you can do to improve your network. Routers from other companies are available in the market. It includes fast machines ranging from cheap solutions like TPLink units to hauling machines, which can cost hundreds of rupees and help you secure and strengthen your Internet.

Boost your WiFi

Boosting a router means two. One is that you can increase the signal speed and spread of your router’s sting. This option is called frequency in router settings. It has also been observed that one of the reasons for the cyst internet in your laptop or mobile is the weakening of the Wi-Fi signals, and by just stating, your router can send WiFi signals far and wide. can.

One way to boost WiFi is to use WiFi boosters as well. These devices are common in the marketplace, which serves to further boost your existing Wi-Fi signals. By doing this you can get good Wi-Fi signal to your current location and get rid of the slow internet complaint.

And the line lets you connect via cables already in place around the house, and it allows you to send browsing data. This can be a great solution for homes that are large or have thick walls and where Wi-Fi extenders are not accessible. The connection is not always as fast as one can get through a cable but it is much easier to pull them together.