Two engineers from Karachi, Owais Hussein Qureshi and Anus Niaz’s startup company ‘Viscose.kot’ have launched a case of growing cases of Corona (Corona) virus in Pakistan and doctors with 3D printing technology in view of the lack of protective kits. Masks that are similar to masks.

These masks made from biodegradable plastic can be used repeatedly.

One of the unique features of this mask is that its digital design is present on their website, which anyone can download and create.

According to Owais and Anas, the benefit of this mask is Cod. The doctors will be looked after by 19 patients who lack protective kits.

In many hospitals, doctors are also facing a shortage of protective shields, which has caused them to become patients of Cod-19 and have been admitted to the isolation wards of their own hospitals.

Therefore, they have also developed a protective shield for such doctors.

In addition to primary healthcare equipment, Owais and Anas have also developed an EmboBag ventilator for Cod-19 patients through 3D printing, which uses manual breathing, but they have made it fully automatic.

The sensors in this ventilator help with breathing, adjusting to the patient’s condition.

Owais and Anas are determined to distribute their medical supplies to doctors and patients in hospitals in Pakistan free of charge, and anyone who wants to assist them in this task can contact them.