As it has become so prevalent on social media these days, the adoption of 5G technology is the leading cause of the spread of the virus and its frequency is so high that even birds are dying from it. On the basis of the same thing, 5G towers have also been attacked in some places in the UK. Today we will tell you the truth about it.

There is no evidence to support this view that 5G network causes or increases the spread of quad-19. But still some people or a class refuse to accept it for a specific purpose.

A doctor affiliated with the UK National Health Service (NHS) has informed the public about the reality of the news about the spread of the Corona virus via 5G.

Dr. Byrda says the Corona virus spread through 5G is impossible because viruses cannot transmit radio waves to one another.

The NHS-affiliated doctor added that the corona virus enters the body through parts of the body and not through radio waves.

Dr. Byrda said that Corona can only be infected with a virus by touching or touching hands and mouth or eyes.

The NHS doctor described the Corona virus prevention solution as taking social distance and staying in Quarantine and emphasized that the hands should be washed with soap and warm water for 20 seconds.

“I found it necessary to talk about this topic because of the viral videos on social media,” he said.

Dr. Byrda added that it is also wrong to say that 5G power weakens the immune system.

The rays emitted from microwave ovens in homes are much more powerful than 5G, but they also do not weaken the immune system, he said.