Almost all of us use the Facebook app. Such social media apps consume a lot of mobile data and that is why all companies are keen to introduce apps that allow users to enjoy the least amount of data. Apps that use such low data are called “light version” and there are also Facebook applications, but they have now been announced to be closed.

In an interview with a foreign magazine, a Facebook spokesperson said that the decision to close the app was due to a lack of users.

Facebook, the most popular app, has announced the closure of “Facebook Lite” for iOS and Android. In this regard, Facebook has started sending awareness messages to users in Brazil, according to which the company will soon close its Lite app.

In the coming days, Facebook, the most popular social networking platform, will shut down the “lite version” applications available for Android and iOS users, and users using Facebook Lite around the world will now be able to do so through the Facebook app. Will be able to use the platform.